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S5E13 Holiday Spectacular: the new cure for seasonal affective disorder

by How things are made

Kites 16:30
Toothbrushes 09:36


Originally part of the "How Things Are Made Season 5 Podcast"

Featuring Susan Kuo, Derek Bendel, Albert Manders, David Matthews, Kevin Sapp, Erik Cirelli, and Emily Rodgers

1. Electric Panels

It's winter here in Pittsburgh. The sky is permanently grey and the windchill drops lower every day. The How Things are Made Podcast is coming to an end. However, in this episode, we present our recently developed new cure for seasonal affective disorder. Part 1 of the final episode: electric panels. If you're listening to this podcast, you are probably near one. Are all your switches on? How things are made tells you how to get in tune with electricity.

Music recorded live at Brillo Box in Pittsburgh on 11/30/2017

2. Kites

Albert Manders, the inventor of the baroque flute, joins the how things are made podcast to explain how the baroque flute took over the world and caused the speculative butter futures market to explode. (reminder: Carl lives in a bag of chips).

3. Eyeglass Frames

Emily Rodgers and Erik Cirelli join how things are made for an improvised recital and then an unexpected live remix of all the material we might have, but didn't to fully use in the course of the podcast! We're going there!

Featuring text from "The Grass Dancer" by Susan Power

4. Toothbrushes

In the final installment of the how things are made podcast, how things are made tells the tale of our sordid relationship with Radioshack.

This podcast ship has sailed, but you can still keep up with our new releases on our bandcamp page: howthingsaremade.bandcamp.com

(Barring a communication systems failure, hold for release till the end of the world confirmed)


released January 5, 2020


all rights reserved


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