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S5E6 How Pizza, Places, and Things Are Made

by How things are made

Wheelchairs 07:08
Flutes 08:20
Cowboy Boots 12:45


Originally part of the "How Things Are Made Season 5 Podcast"

Featuring Todd Saule, Emily Rodgers, Erik Cirelli, Albert Manders, Kevin Sapp, David Mathews, and Derek Bendel

1. Alkaline Batteries

How things are made is joined by pizza podcasters Tim McGuigan and Todd Saulle in our first crossover episode. Check out Pizza Places & Things here! (www.facebook.com/pizzaplacesthings/) IF YOU LIKE PIZZA YOU WILL LIKE THIS TOO.

This week's music features a delightful and insightful, oceanic reflection on alkaline batteries.

2. Wheelchairs

Our crossover episode with Pizza, Places & Things continues with special guests Emily Rodgers and Erik Cirelli performing from excerpts from Lori Jakiela’s memoir The Bridge to Take When Things Get Serious.

Anything can be about pizza, but not everything.

3. Flutes

On this episode of How Pizza, Places and Things are Made, Todd Saulle and Tim McGuigan are a pizza.

4. Cowboy Boots

On this final part of our crossover with Pizza, Places & Things, Todd Saulle talks low moisture mozzarella and milk powder as Albert Manders, Kevin Sapp, David Mathews, and Derek Bendel are a pizza with How Things Are Made (HTAM).


released December 25, 2019


all rights reserved


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