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S5E8 How Xen Things Are Made

by How things are made



Originally part of the "How Things Are Made Season 5 Podcast"

Featuring Stephen Weigel, Susan Kuo, Mr. Handy, and Mr. Handy

1. Suits of Armour

Do you know about the notes in between the notes? Think of it this way; its a lot easier to cut a loaf of bread into multiple equal portions than it is to cut a fish, meaning, technique. The trick with bread is not to squish it. The trick with fish is guts and bones. You can make bread from scratch. Fish is just there in the water for the taking. It is simple to cut bread after it's made, but not a fish, cooked or not, especially into equal portions. Xenharmony is more than the notes between the notes on a piano. Xenharmony is more like cutting a fish.

This special crossover episode with the Now&Xen podcast features music in 14 equal divisions of the octave by Stephen Weigel (more from Stephen below), and, of course, Susan Kuo. Susan plays music with us on a microtonal marimba thingy. It sounds real great. As great as a fish sandwich tastes.

Music with Stephen Weigel

"Our Pixel Perfect Dial Tone of Voice" soundcloud.com/overtoneshock/our-pixel-perfect-telephone-discussion-14-edo

Six Macrotonal Etudes: xenharmonicgod.bandcamp.com/album/six-macrotonal-etudes-for-electronic-music-media

Keyboard arrangement of Easley Blackwood's 15 equal Microtonal Etude: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhyKQQMexqQ&t=1s

2. Street Light Poles

Stephen Weigel explains xenaharmonic music, and the Now&Xen podcast, while talking over his own 14 edo composition. Mr. Handy and Mr. Handy each teach a guitar lesson, each believing the other is the student.

3. Bent Hardwood

Stephen Weigel of the Now&Xen podcast pairs food with tuning systems while his own 14EDO music plays, fan mail from our instagram, and a live recording of how things are made playing in a basement.

4. Membrane Switches

Stephen Weigel of the Now&Xen podcast tells us about his favorite piece of equipment/ HTAM grooves with poetry/Stephen explains the tuning systems up for retirement/"Membrane Switches"/outro


released December 27, 2019


all rights reserved


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