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S5E10 The Viewer is the Creator of Meaning

by How things are made

Goalie Pads 17:52
Lapel Pins 05:00


Originally part of the "How Things Are Made Season 5 Podcast"

Featuring Susan Kuo, Anna Elder, Lu-han Li, Stephen Weigel, Noah Rectenwald, Todd Saulle, Yoko Murakami (dancing), Emily Rodgers, and the music of Host Skull!

1. Goalie Pads

Welcome to the How Things are Made Podcast: an introduction

2. Lapel Pins

A funny thing happens. Also, music for Yoko Murakami's "Drowning Shadows".

3. Cardboard Boxes

It's time for that word of the day. Matt and Dave and Dave and Matt have a contest that lasts one minute. Who wins?! Better not vote in the comments!!! Calls from our fans in Dogtown, Alabama and Fertow, Iowa. Found poetry read over a delightfully overdubbed groove (original).

4. Crystal Wine Glasses

music for recorder, hi-hats, trumpet and electronics


released December 30, 2019


all rights reserved


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