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S5E7 Moral Failure

by How things are made

Golf Balls 18:22


Originally part of the "How Things Are Made Season 5 Podcast"

Featuring Ralph Lewis, Derek Bendel, David Mathew, Albert Manders, and Kevin Sapp

1. Golf Balls

Professional golf courses across the world have been forced to redesign holes to accommodate increased efficiency in golf ball technology. They were first made of wood. Then made of leather-bound feathers. Then Gutta Purcha. Then rubber with plastic. Then liquid with plastic. Technology abolished the constraints of the terrain. It was less difficult. People jumped the dogleg. Par 5 in 3. Double Eagle. No sweat. But the designer said, "The earth is a canvass."

How can you compete with that?

2. Furniture Handles

Brian is a homeowner with a toilet in his basement. The conservative media wants to know about it. How things are made performs a composition by Ralph Lewis

3. Parking Meters

Sometimes you have a choice while parking. Other times you have no choice. This time Derek Bendel, David Mathew, Albert Manders, Kevin Sapp and all them are in the car. Where to park?

4. Room Dividers

Dave and Matt bribe each other into believing one another made a product in order to make a sale. Brian plays wind chimes. Is how things are made moral failure? Oh come on.


released December 26, 2019


all rights reserved


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